Durham Coast National Nature Reserve

A rare day off with nothing to do other than walk and take photos and relax.

I had been recently informed of a small piece of beach near me at Chilton.  What drew me to heading over there was the possibility of seeing some little terns that have been nesting and rearing their young.

The section of the beach where the terns are occupying is fully fenced off to protect the birds.  I had never seen a little tern so close but taking pictures of them was more difficult than I had anticipated.  with my mono-pod 70-300mm Sigma lens I had hoped to capture a few crisp clear images.  Out of the nearly 300 images I managed to capture a few nice images.  I did however come to the realisation that the Sigma lens despite its years of trusty service is not fast enough when focusing to truly capture such fast flying birds.

I was however able to grab some other images with my trusty 24-70mm F2.8 Tamron lens that I’m more than happy with please have a look and enjoy.  Feel free to comment or contact me.