Herrington Country Park Early Walk

Another Early morning walk.  I love being out of the house really early in the morning before the rest of Sunderland.

This morning was spent around Herrington Country Park one of the largest parks in Sunderland and overlooked by Penshaw Monument, Herrington Country Park offers walks and cycle trails, environmental sculptures.

Being out so early I always hope for a chance to see some wildlife that normally hides away.  Today I was lucky enough to see a little frog hopping across the path and what I believe a to be a Kestrel but I didn’t have my 300mm lens attached so it’s hard to identify.  Please feel to comment or email me if you can identify the bird.







Lunch Time walks

I must admit I’m currently loving the weather.  The light is amazing meaning i get to go out and walk more.

I especially love the early mornings and seeing the sunrise and the day develop, when at work however, lunch times are great for a wander.  Its a shame to be stuck only to the vicinity of around the office but with the Doxford park and Blakney woods there is always something to see.

I also have the challenge of capturing an image of the elusive Pheasant that is around the area i’m always going to be kept busy.  I still haven’t been able to get a shot but I will.

Durham Coast National Nature Reserve

A rare day off with nothing to do other than walk and take photos and relax.

I had been recently informed of a small piece of beach near me at Chilton.  What drew me to heading over there was the possibility of seeing some little terns that have been nesting and rearing their young.

The section of the beach where the terns are occupying is fully fenced off to protect the birds.  I had never seen a little tern so close but taking pictures of them was more difficult than I had anticipated.  with my mono-pod 70-300mm Sigma lens I had hoped to capture a few crisp clear images.  Out of the nearly 300 images I managed to capture a few nice images.  I did however come to the realisation that the Sigma lens despite its years of trusty service is not fast enough when focusing to truly capture such fast flying birds.

I was however able to grab some other images with my trusty 24-70mm F2.8 Tamron lens that I’m more than happy with please have a look and enjoy.  Feel free to comment or contact me.

A Trip to Snape

During a visit to Ipswich a small drive took me to a beautiful area of Suffolk called Snape Maltings.

Snape Maltings on the banks of the River Alde at Snape is a set of converted buildings from a barely malting which was used in the brewing of beer.  Now the converted buildings are better known as an arts complex best known for its concert hall, which is one of the main sites of the annual Aldeburgh Festival.

Given more time and I would have loved to walk around the Alde Estuary which is known locally for the abundance of wildlife.

The few pictures i’ve captured may not impress with the beauty of the area but despite the gloom of the day it was so peaceful and beautiful.

I’ve included the below map so you can get an idea of the beauty of the area.  If you are ever nearby pay it a visit you won’t regret it.


Early Morning Adventures

Yesterdays adventures were spent along Seaburn & Roker beach walking along the sea wall at 7am taking pictures of the waves crashing against the wall.  I also used this time to look into where I would be able to get to take the photos of the lighthouse at dawn.

I really hope you take a look at these and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.





Smitten Crochet Blanket

Busy afternoon taking pictures for Big Blue Elle, after she had completed her smitten blanket she requested I take the pictures for her own blog over at Big Blue Elle’s

During the shoot for this lovely blanket our cat Mysti decided that she wanted some attention and to become involved by sneaking under the blanket and peeping her ear and eventually her whole head out from underneath stopping the shoot.

For pictures and details about the blanket please head over to Big Blue Elle’s